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A Message from Kathy Callnan, CEO: The Cedars Heroes

April 16, 2020 The Cedars Heroes I googled “Who are our Heroes?” recently, and as you might expect, the images that appeared were of men and women in capes, and comic book characters. Yesterday’s Superman or Wonder Woman is today’s healthcare worker, and the villain we fight is no longer an evil alien from another planet, but a faceless virus. These are unprecedented times. The women and men on the front lines are today’s super-heroes. Capes have been replaced with masks, gloves, and gowns, and their super-powers are love, compassion, and commitment. I want to thank all of you at The Cedars who come to work each day. Thank you for putting the needs of others before your own. Thank you for working tirelessly each day, only to rest and repeat every day that follows. There is so much that we do not know – how long this pandemic...